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Top 5 springtime outdoor activities for toddlers

Outdoor activities are essential for the physical, emotional, and cognitive development. The upcoming springtime provides the perfect opportunity to engage toddlers in outdoor activities that can help them build confidence, develop their gross and fine motor skills, and foster their love for nature.

Here are the top 5 outdoor spring activities for toddlers that we recommend:

Exploring nature

Springtime is the perfect season for exploring nature. As the weather warms up, plants and trees start to bloom, and animals become more active. Taking toddlers on a nature walk is a great way to introduce them to the beauty of the natural world. You can talk to them about the different plants and animals they see, and encourage them to touch, smell, and observe them. This helps them develop their senses and curiosity about the world around them.


Gardening is a great outdoor activity for toddlers. It not only teaches them about the lifecycle of plants but also helps them develop their fine motor skills as they plant, water, and care for their garden. You can start by creating a small raised garden bed or a few pots on a windowsill. Choose plants that are easy to grow and care for, such as herbs or sunflowers. As your toddler cares for their garden, they will develop a sense of responsibility and pride in their work.

You can also introduce them to different gardening tools, such as a watering can or a small shovel, and show them how to use them safely and responsibly.

Outdoor Art

Springtime provides the perfect canvas for outdoor art activities. Toddlers love to use their creativity and imagination to make art, and the outdoors provides a new and exciting space for them to do so. You can set up an outdoor easel or a large piece of paper on the ground for your toddler to paint or draw on. You can also encourage them to use natural materials, such as leaves, sticks, and flowers, to make collages or sculptures.

Water Play         

Water play is a fun and refreshing outdoor activity for toddlers during the warmer months of spring. You can set up a small paddling pool or water table in your backyard, or take your toddler to a nearby beach or lake. Water play helps toddlers develop their sensory skills and hand-eye coordination, as they splash, pour, and manipulate the water.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are a great way to get toddlers moving and active. You can play simple games such as tag, hide and seek, or Simon says. These games help toddlers develop their gross motor skills and coordination, as well as their social skills as they interact with others.

To prepare your toddler for outdoor games, you can use the indoor climbing arch, triangle, and ramp to develop their gross motor skills and build strength.