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10 Incredible Benefits of Indoor Playground for Toddlers

 Want your kids to be fast learners? Want your kids to stay away from screens? Want to add physical activity and fun for your kids? Want your parenting to reach another level? Now parents around the globe are selecting indoor playground toys for toddlers to hone their child’s mental and physical capacities. 

Toddlers are clean slates and you can train them however you wish. During the first five to six years, you have to cast the first impression of their habits, routines, food choices that often last a lifetime. Research shows that physical activity is imperative for excellent academic performance in children. 

Backed by in-depth research, we have covered here tons of kid’s room furniture ideas to make your child learn and grow faster. 

What Are The Best Kids Room Décor Ideas To Boost Learning?

Toddlers are visual learners with colors and pictures to aid learning and comprehension. So, to cater to early learning needs of your child, the ambiance of Montessori and Nursery is made visually attractive. Here are some fun kids room interior ideas:

    • Colorful clocks to learn time
    • Blackboard walls to boost creativity
    • Study area to encourage focused learning (Or mini bookshelf with easy-to-access books)
    • Musical instruments for hand-eye coordination, memory and listening skills
    • Wall paper posters with maps, planets, alphabets, numbers, etc.
  • Pikler inspired Montessori playground furniture for physical strength, training, as well as faster learning.
  • What Is Included In Indoor Playground for Toddlers?

    Our Pikler inspired playground furniture for toddlers includes a pikler triangle, ramps, climbing arch, and balance board. Made from premium certified wood, these playground furniture for toddlers room décor are great to practice basic motor skills. 

    10 Incredible Benefits of Indoor Playground For Toddlers 

    The Pikler’s inspired Montessori furniture is designed after great research by Dr Emmi Pikler to sharpen the kid’s gross motor skills, awareness, and also cognitive functions. Here’s why our indoor playground for toddlers is amazing for child development:

  • Boosts Gross Motor Skills
  • Gross motor skills deal with children learning the hand-eye coordination and how to move and control their bodies. It also includes the aspects of balancing, muscle strength, postural control, core strength, and endurance. It’s important to develop gross motor skills from infancy to toddlerhood and preschool. With a toddler indoor playground, your kids can learn to balance, coordinate, and control their mind and body. Rather their fine motor skills such as gripping power and control improves tremendously. 

    The climbing triangle, wooden rocker, balance board, obstacle planks, and learning tower, you open the path to endless opportunities of learning. 

  • Improves Creativity
  • Creative skills are linked to better problem solving, analytical thinking, organization, open-minded approach (thinking outside the box), and communication. Keeping that in mind, we suggest to leave your kids with the wooden toys and let them be as creative as they can with each wooden piece.

    With our creatively and carefully designed wooden Montessori toys, the kids can be creative in arranging the little climber, little ladder and little plank as they wish. Painted with kid’s safe colors to visually appeal the kids, this jungle gym will keep the kids engaged forever with tons of opportunities to play. Kids can climb, slide, jump, or cross the obstacles using the Pikler inspired ladder and other nursery furniture. 

  • Multipurpose Preschool Furniture
  • Unlike traditional plastic playground sets, this modern indoor playground for toddlers is made to cater to the creative needs of kids of today. Rather, this furniture set would never be the one cornered within two days of arrival because the possibilities are endless with it. This creative wooden furniture for kids is multipurpose.

    Designed to be multipurpose, the triangle ladder climber can make a nice tent for girls to sleep in. The bridge or balance board can make a Montessori rocker to sleep in with a rocker sheet on. The planks are two ways—plain and with obstacle course to let the kids slide or practice rock climbing. The monkey bar climber also makes a tiny hiding place for kids to play hide and seek. You can create a mini study area with the two-way book shelf and wooden table and study chair. 

    The two-in-one study chair table can fold to form the learning tower for kids to have a podium to voice their views or to help moms in kitchen. If you have cats in the house, they will definitely play around the Montessori furniture to be by your child’s side. 

  • Inculcates Confidence
  • Be it the learning little podium tower or jungle gym wood furniture, they are no less educational compared to electronic or other toddler toys. 

    The learning tower is the safest place for the toddler to stand on and help you out in kitchen, artworks, or whatsoever. What we like most about is giving a platform for the little ones to express their views. The raised platform gives the child the perfect spotlight he needs to catch everyone’s attention and speak to them. Such expressive attitude boost a child’s confidence.

    The Pikler inspired climbing triangle set gives confidence to the child to climb, walk and run past the obstacles. With regular play and training, their brain-body coordination is so strong that your child will never fear an adventure ride. It will open the child’s mind to take risks, try new things, and overcome fear.

  • Improves Cognitive Functions
  • Multiple researches have concluded that physical activity has enormous health benefits inclusive of muscular fitness, cardiovascular health, bone health, psychosocial health, and cognitive functions. 

    Another study shows that physical activity might appear to be a break from academics but it paves way for better focus and attention. Moreover, with aerobic fitness, there is a huge improvement in academic performance of the child, according to a few studies. 

    Amidst the pandemic when it’s no more safe for children to go out, touch the public monkey climber, slides and swings, its best to bring it home. Your indoor playground for toddlers will surely aid in boosting learning capacities of the child.

  • Safe Montessori Furniture
  • When selecting an indoor playground for toddlers, make sure that it’s made of skin-friendly and safe wood. Moreover, the polishing, paints and varnish shouldn’t be irritating. 

    The Montessori toys and furniture proposed by Pikler are all made from premium and safe wood that’s non-chipping. The wood is carefully selected to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the child. The polish and paints are also kids safe and skin friendly to never cause allergic reactions. Moreover, the edges are super round and soft to prevent accidental injuries. 

    All in all, with this indoor playground for toddlers in your home or Montessori school, you will never have to supervise the little learner every second.

  • Fun & Engaging
  • Similar to indoor pets, keeping the toddlers indoor can be exhausting. The hyperactive kids need something to engage in and exhaust their energy. 

    Although video games and poems may distract them for few hours but, ultimately, your child will not want to sleep on time because of pent up energy. 

    Either that energy comes out in the form of anger, frustration, or messing up the house or it can be channelized well through indoor playground for toddlers. You can be very creative and smart with the furniture by using sticky notes to give the kids clues to find the next alphabet, answer the questions correctly, pass the obstacle path and much more. 

    Apart from that, this educational indoor playground for toddlers gives the kids a creative outlet. They can rearrange the furniture in different ways to play different games and use their imaginations. Instead of those building blocks, this little playground for toddlers gives the child adventure, experience, fun, engagement, and creativity.

    Final Verdict

    In fact, with this non-traditional wooden indoor playground set for toddler at home, you will find your kids to be playing in a new way every other day.