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Why Montessori sets are very important for your kid’s development?

Why Montessori Climbing Arch / Rocker sets are very important for your kid’s development?


Movement, one of the most important things in developing children, can take up space. Besides that, children need to nap often, depending on their age. Putting away all the toys and preparing them for nap time just so they can play again and take out all the toys in a few minutes can be a daunting task. Even relaxing with and unwinding with a book can take up space. Altering between the two can seem impossible. Climbing Arch and Rockers are the answer you are looking for.

There are many ways you can combine it depending on what activities you prefer for your child. We all know how important it is to set good habits for children in their early age. Climbing Arch and Rockers are a safe way to do that in your own home without taking too much space, and by using toys that are made to last and incite intelligence and comfort.

What makes Climbing Arch and Rockers safe for children?


Young children and toddlers love to play until they fall asleep tired of all the stimulation and exercise. Some get cranky, some sit or lay down with their toys to relax or take time off. Having to manage activities, toys and a place for downtime can take up space you don't have. Even if there is space, chaos is not a good environment for children. Separating everything to make it safe for toddlers can seem impossible. Climbing Arch and Rockers is a safe and durable option to solve everything and here is how:

Aim for Safety: The Climbing toys for young children and toddlers are wooden (made of birch and linden) and put through stringent quality checks. Then they are double-checked. Precision wood crafting prevents sharp edges and splinters. Newborns and toddlers from 6 months to 9 years can use this arch.

Made for pure fun: The climbing triangle, climbing arch, pillow for arches, various climbing walls, and slide board can all be combined with indoor climbing frames. All these mentioned wooden toys provide a huge variety of options and are always entertaining.

Learning Impact: Climbing Arch and Rockers support child development trough playtime.  Helping their growth in coordination, balance, and spatial thinking, as well as in their ability to estimate distances and heights.

Premium Quality: The Climbing Arch and Rockers for kids is a great activity toy made of natural wood and it is free of harmful chemicals. The climbing toy is an excellent indoor playground for children's rooms which makes it a popular first birthday present.

Simple Assembly: The climbing devices and rockers are simple to assemble, with detailed instructions that aid you in the process. The rushes are held together safely and sustainably by premium screws and material.

What is included in Climbing Arch and Rockers?


The arch is a piece of multi-purpose children's furniture. We recommend adding the cushion, which makes using the arch as a rocker safer and more comfortable. Climbing satisfies children's natural desire to learn new things and learning to climb is a great way for children to get physically active while also building their confidence. As previously stated, the arch has many other functions. It can function as a climbing arch, a play fort, a baby gym and many more. It is intended to encourage active play as well as the diverse development of motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength. Covered with a cushion it creates a play fort underneath. By hanging sensory stimuli, it creates a baby gym.  When turned upside down the climbing arch works as a rocker, and it is perfect as a cozy naptime place.

The slide ramp is a fun and versatile product that can be combined with Climbing Arch and Rockers. The slide ramp is divided into two sides, one for sliding and one for climbing. It gives the familiar climbing arch and wall bars new dimensions, taking playtime to a whole new level. It is simple to use and does not require any fixed installation. The incline of the slide/climbing ramp can be quickly changed by placing it on the desired bar.

The slide ramp is intended to improve children's coordination and motor skills while also encouraging free and creative play in a safe way. The only limit to what this slide ramp can become is children's imagination. Playing together helps children develop social skills. The versatile slide ramp ensures that there are no dull moments.

Yes, Climbing Arch and Rockers are worth it!


Are your children active? The Montessori Climbing Arch is the perfect way to make their dreams come true! On the other hand, there are children that need a little motivation when it comes to physical activities. There is no better way than to get them excited to start exercising through play time. The set is a safe, high-quality climbing toy that helps to develop children's motor skills. The design has been developed according to the principles established by Maria Montessori for kids’ hands and feet to be strong enough when they grow up.

The climbing arches and rockers are made of 100% natural wood without any chemicals, which makes them perfectly safe for your little ones. There is no better way to keep your children happy and active while being sure that they are safe. The design of Montessori climbing toys is made to prevent most kids from falling or hurting themselves when they step on it and climb it.

The wooden arch is robust enough so that most toddlers can't push it around. The only thing there is left for them to do is to climb it and have fun exploring those new skills they will be improving.

Since it can be used in the safety of your home, the set is perfect for those days when it is impossible to go outside and play. You don't ever have to worry about that pent-up energy. Kids will love to play on the arch and rockers. When all that activity tires them, a simple flip will make it a comfy rocker that is perfect for relaxing and napping.



Your little ones' development is the most important thing that any parent is trying to improve. It is proven that children learn best through play time, since it is something that they enjoy. Physical activities are the basic step in everything they do later in life. It helps their motor skills; it helps with their thinking all while they acquire a good and healthy habit.